Skywalk Advertising created in 1996, offers an alternative to traditional “out-of-home” marketing formats, reaching consumers in the heavily used Skywalk systems in the Midwest. Since then, our Skywalk platform has grown becoming one of the most targeted and premiere brands in the out of home category.


Exclusivity - MediaUSA is the exclusive provider of backlit signage in our markets, no other advertising medium will compete with your ad message.

Frequency - Skyway users will be exposed to your marketing message multiple times each day as they utilize the skyway system going to and from their parking ramps, coffee breaks, lunch, shopping, errands and meetings.

Demographics - MediaUSA Skywalk Advertising panels provide multiple impressions daily to a concentration of executives, managers, white collar employees, business owners, upscale shoppers and thousands of tourists.

Target Audience - Average Age Group: 25-54 years • Above average median incomes of $62k+ • Post secondary educational levels • White collar professionals • Affluent, trend-setting decision makers

Unbeatable Cost Per Thousand - A buy comprised of rotating ad locations generates a cost-per-thousand of between $2 and $3. In these markets, our CPM’s can’t be beat!